WORX Cordless Leaf Blower Review (40V)

In contrast to other tool manufacturers who offer two or even more 40V cordless blowers, WORX „only“ has one battery operated blower in its 40V product range: the WORX 40V blower WG 584. In our review article, we will analyze the most important characteristics of the tool in chapter 1. Thereby we take into consideration the four review categories 1) Performance, 2) Ergonomics, 3) Battery & charging technology as well as 4) Scope of delivery & price. Afterwards, you will find a table summarizing all discussed functional and technical data of the WORX 40V blower in the second chapter. Final chapter 3 provides a short overview of the company’s history.

I. WORX 40V Blower WG 584 – Review

The WORX cordless leaf blower WG 584 is characterized by its high-efficient, brushless motor design as well as its easy handling. This combination makes the battery leaf blower from WORX a top competitor amongst other well-known, international brands, as for example Black + Decker, Dewalt or Makita. The Turbine Technology of the WORX 40V blower, paired with the speed control feature ensures adaptability to any given job. Quick and short burst can clear dry leaves and small twigs. Controlled blasts take care of damp leaves and residue.

The WORX leaf blower is operated with two dual 20V Max batteries which power up for 40V total performance. A major advantage is the companies Power Share battery platform. Do you already posses a WORX power tool, including one or more 20V batteries? Then these batteries will also work on the WORX 40V blower WG 584. This is a great way to save money. All power tools and machines from WORX are available to buy without a battery, or to stock up and simply exchange spent batteries for pre-charged ones when working on a bigger project.

Overall rating
  • 8/10
    1. Performance - 8/10
  • 10/10
    2. Ergonomics - 10/10
  • 9/10
    3. Battery & charging technology - 9/10
  • 9/10
    4. Scope of delivery & price - 9/10

1. Performance: 8/10

worx-cordless-leaf-blower-review With its brushless motor with a no load speed of 14.300 – 21.900 RPM, the WORX cordless blower boasts an impressive air volume from 300 cfm to up to 470 cfm at 60 to 95 mph. As a result the tool is more than capable of keeping your lawn, porch and gutters clean of leaves as well as debris.

The WORX 40V blower also comes with three speed settings controlled via the speed control function easily reached with the thumb of the operating hand. On the first setting of the speed control function you can reach an air velocity of 60 mph and an air volume of 300 cfm. Using the two higher settings will get you up to an air speed of 69 mph respectively 85 mph. In addition to the three standard settings the turbo boost can be activated to ensure maximum air propulsion. On this setting, the air speed goes up to 95 mph and air volume up to 470 cfm.

2. Ergonomics: 10/10

worx-cordless-blower-review-ergonomics The cordless leaf blower from WORX weighs 5.5 lbs (standalone). The weight of the complete kit, including two 20V batteries with a capacity of 2 ampere hours (ah), is around 7.3 lbs making it a bit lighter than other leaf blowers of the 40V category. Additionally, the WORX 40V blower has an ergonomic design. You can easily hold it in one hand – but be sure to firmly hold it with both hands when initially turning it on.

And the tool comes with even more features. Firstly, the large dial for changing the settings is easily reached and can be flipped while operating the blower. Secondly, the design and weight distribution is balanced sparing your writs from excessive strain. Thirdly, for convenience of storing and cleaning, the turbine nozzle can be removed by pressing the clip on the side of the nozzle. Furthermore, the top noise level of the WORX cordless leaf blower WG 584 is only at 62 decibel, which is a less than the noise level of comparable 40V battery blowers, for example the Ryobi 40V Jet Fan Blower or the Oregon Cordless Leaf Blower BL 300. The Greenworks leaf blower 24252 is the only 40V blower we found during our analysis which is even quieter.

3. Battery- & charging technology: 9/10

Battery technology:

worx-cordless-blower-battery-technology The WORX 40V blower is operated with two 20V batteries in parallel in order to unleash full 40V power. Any WORK 20V lithium-ion Power Share battery can be used, incl. batteries that have different capacities of ampere hours. The ampere hour rating measures how much energy can be stored in the battery. In total, WORX offers three 20V batteries with capacities of 2 ah, 4 ah and 6 ah. However, according to our understanding the WORX blower WG 584 can only be operated with the 2- and 4 ah batteries, but not with the 6 ah battery.

The runtime of the batteries included in the standard package (2 x 2 ah) is between only 10 minutes, when using the highest setting continuously and 16 minutes when using the lowest setting without break. If you use, for example, a 4.0 Ah battery, the run times are nearly double. This may not sound like much time, but from a user’s perspective, it’s rare to use the highest setting for more than a minute.

Please also take into consideration that all 2x20V power tools from WORX are designed to run with two 20V batteries. For highest performance both batteries should be of the same ah rating as and fully charged. The WORX 2x20V power tools, incl. the WORX 40V blower WG 584, will not work if just one 20V battery is installed.

Charging technology:

It takes between 3 and 5 hours to fully charge the batteries with the standard charger depending on the battery capacity. However, using a WORX dual charger will reduce the charging time to one or two hours. Since two batteries are needed to operate the WORX 40V blower, a dual-port (standard or quick charger) can make a great addition to the household. However, please take into consideration that the charging times mentioned above refer to the charging of one single battery with the dual port. If two batteries are charged in parallel, charging times go up to 2 hours (for two 2ah batteries) and more,

Compatibility with other devices from WORX:

With the WORX 20V Power Share System, you can share the battery of all cordless tools powered by the same voltage batteries. That means that not only the 2x20V WORX cordless leaf blower WG 584, but also all other 2x20V- as well as pure 20V applications from WORX can be operated with the lithium-ion batteries introduced in this review article. WORX offers a wide range of battery operated power tools, such as hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and trimmers.

4. Scope of delivery & price: 9/10

WORX offers various package deals for all its tools and machines including the WORX 40V blower WG 584. As mentioned before, you can simply purchase the tool without any accessories or battery, should you already posses some WORX 20V batteries, and thus save money. Other Packages include up to 3 batteries and a dual charger.

II. WORX Cordless Leaf Blower Data

Technical Data
Max. air speed60-95 mph
Max. air volume300-470 cfm
Variable speed trigger+
Performance boost+
Weight (tool only)5.5 lbs
Max. noise level62 db(a)
Max. battery run times¹
2.0 ah: 16 min
4.0 ah: 30 min
6.0 ah: n/a
Table 1: WORX Cordless Leaf Blower 2x20V WG 584 – Technical Data
¹ Battery run times times partially calculated.
Battery- and & Charging Technology
Battery Technology
Voltage2x20 Volt
Battery rangeLi-Ion 2.0 ah
Li-Ion 4.0 ah
Li-Ion 6.0 ah
Electricity use2.0 ah: 80 wh
4.0 ah: 160 wh
6.0 ah: 240 wh
Charging Technology²
Charging times (standard charger)2.0 ah: 180 min
4.0 ah: 300 min
6.0 ah: n/a
Charging times (fast charger)2.0 ah: 60 min
4.0 ah: 120 min
6.0 ah: n/a
Table 2: WORX Cordless Leaf Blower 2x20V WG 584 – Battery- & Charging Technology
² Charging times times partially calculated.

III. WORX history

WORX is a brand of the Positec Tool Corporation, which was founded by Don Gao in Suzhou, China, in 1994. The American Headquarter of Positec is in Charlotte, North Carolina. WORX is specialized in the production of lawn and garden equipment as well as power tools. The brand is primarily known for its trimmers, lawn movers as well as chain saws. However, WORX also sells other power tools, such as the Worx 40V blower WG 584 which was analyzed in detail during this review article.