Milwaukee Cordless Blower (18V): Tool Review

Milwaukee currently offers three different 18V cordless leaf blowers on its website; in this article we take a closer look at two of them. Chapter 1 explores a detailed review of the Milwaukee Cordless Blower M18 Fuel 450 CFM (model: 2724-20), where we examine the tool based on four criteria: performance, ergonomics, battery- & charging technology, and delivery scope & price. The second chapter of this article includes the features and characteristics of the Milwaukee M18 Compact Blower. In chapter 3 we provide an overview of the solution components and technical specifications for both 18V blowers. Finally, chapter 4 includes a short history summary of Milwaukee.

I. Milwaukee Gen II M18 Fuel 450 CFM Blower – Review

Milwaukee recently came out with their second-generation M18 cordless leaf blower (model: 2724-20), which is nearly identical in design to the first generation, but with updated features that significantly improve its functions. Their ergonomic design pairs with an 18V lithium-ion battery that gives you, on average, about 20 minutes of runtime in-between battery charges.

The Milwaukee cordless blower has an air volume of 450 cubic feet per meter (cfm) and reaches an airspeed up to 120 miles per hour (mph). Useful for any kind of work, it has enough power even to sweep away fresh snow. Milwaukee focuses on 18V instead of the typical 20- or 40V technology, because they prioritize creating a lightweight and easy-to-use leaf blower. The battery blower weighs about four pounds less than other competitors. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a reasonable price.

1. Performance

milwaukee-cordless-leaf-blower-review The Milwaukee M18 Gen II has an increased amount of power and reach, making it the most useful for all your outdoor equipment needs. It gets to an airspeed of 120 mph and moves air at 450 cfm. That is a fair amount of power considering its size and weight. You are in charge of the speed and power setting while using this electric leaf blower. There is a button on the top that you can use to set it automatically at maximum. The dual-motor can hit the maximum throttle in under a second, so you don’t need to wait for it to speed up. It does not have a safety feature, though, so be mindful while using it. There is a variable speed trigger to change the speed settings and a lock that you can use, so you don’t have to hold it the entire time.

The Milwaukee cordless blower uses an inline axial type of fan, making it much more efficient. Axial designs use parallel fans that push the air out in the same direction it pulled it in. The fans pull in air from the back of the blower and force it through the motor out the tube. This process encourages a higher power extraction with a lower pressure requirement. More companies are beginning to transition over to these types of fans.

Gen II reaches a clearing power of 15 ft, while the Gen I managed 10 ft only. When set on maximum, the Milwaukee leaf blower can run for a solid 15 to 20 minutes with a battery capacity of 3 ampere hours (ah). If you use it on low, it easily lasts an hour. Users find that the batteries run out quite quickly when they use it on high, similar to various other types of 18V blowers, for example the Dewalt Blower DCE100B or the Black and Decker LSW 321. Runtime essentially is dependent on the size of your battery pack and how you use the tool.

2. Ergonomics

milwaukee-cordless-blower-review-ergonomics The M18 Gen II has just as comfortable of a design as the previous generation. It is a well-balanced and streamlined leaf blower. The tube slopes downward, making it easy to hold for long periods. It detaches easily with a release lever on the bottom of the base. This version is even more lightweight than the previous one. They managed to shed another pound during the redesign, making it now weigh only 4.9 pounds (without the battery pack).

The ergonomics of a blower are essential, as you don’t want to be in pain every time you use it. The handle is quite comfortable to grip, and the trigger and push button are in easy-to-reach positions. They have even included a locking mechanism so you can keep it powered at a certain speed without having to hold the trigger the entire time, which is crucial for resting your hand. The Milwaukee cordless blower also manages to lower the vibrations. Since it is powered using an axial fan, it requires less effort to power and runs more efficiently, reducing the vibrating you usually have to deal with.

It is a little loud to use, but not anything uncommon with a power tool. It received a 63 decibel (db(a)) noise rating, which is better than many of its competitors in the 18V segment, e.g. the Makita Cordless Blower DUB 182. However, you should always be wearing ear protection, though, regardless of the score.

3. Battery- & charging technology

When supplied with Milwaukee’s powerful REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT XC 8.0 battery, the M18 can last for over 20 minutes. This battery has 15 cells generating about 162 Wh of energy and is compatible with nearly 200 different tools in the M18 system. You need to purchase the -21 Blower’s Kit if you want your blower to come with the battery and charger.

The length of the battery life depends entirely on how you use the machine. When used on low, it lasts nearly an hour, and the battery isn’t too hot when taken out. On high, though, the battery does tend to heat up, so you will need to wait five minutes or so for it to cool down before charging it. Milwaukee doesn’t use air-cooled batteries, which sometimes is a disadvantage to the brand. Regardless, the M18 Rapid Charger charges up to 40% faster, only taking about thirty minutes for a 3.0 ah battery to reach full power for your next use.

4. Scope of delivery & price

The tool is delivered with the tube detached and nicely packaged. Usually you have two different purchasing options: tool only or blower kit. Both come with a 3-year warranty with the manufacturer. For some, $160 and $250 are too high a price for a tool, but users believe the Milwaukee cordless leaf blower is worth the cost. You pay for high-quality products and stellar customer service. They will never make you wait for hours on the phone to speak to a representative, and their employees are all well-informed and knowledgeable about their products.

II. Milwaukee Cordless Blower M18 Compact

The maximum airspeed and distance this compact leaf blower reaches is 160 mph and 100 cfm. It has a lot of power in a small size, perfect for light yard work around the home or cleanup at a job site. The tool has a three-speed electronic switch with a lock and a variable speed trigger. The 18V device includes a 9” extension nozzle and a universal inflator/deflator. It weighs only 2.6 pounds, is compatible with all M18 batteries, and comes with a 5-year warranty with the manufacturer.

Milwaukee’s compact cordless blower is an excellent option when you need something quick and lightweight to clear your pavement or tool sheds. Don’t expect it to have enough power to gather your leaves in a pile, though. The air intake on the side will also catch on your shirt or pants when you hold it too close in your right hand.

III. Milwaukee Cordless Blower Data

Technical DataMilwaukee M18 FUELMilwaukee M18 COMPACT
Max. air speedup to 120 mph160 mph
Max. air volume450 cfm100 cfm
Variable speed trigger+-
Performance boost--
Weight (tool only)4.9 lbs2.6 lbs
Max. noise level63 db(a)n/a
Max. battery run-times¹
8.0 ah: around 20 minn/a
Table 1: Milwaukee Cordless Blowers 18V – Technical Data
¹ Battery run times times partially calculated.
Battery- and & Charging Technology
Battery Technology
Voltage18 Volt
Battery rangeLi-Ion 2.0
Li-Ion 3.0
Li-Ion 4.0
Li-Ion 6.0
Li-Ion 8.0
Li-Ion 9.0
Li-Ion 12.0
Electricity use2.0 ah: 36 wh
3.0 ah: 54 wh
4.0 ah: 72 wh
6.0 ah: 96 wh
8.0 ah: 144 wh
9.0 ah: 162 wh
12.0 ah: 216 wh
Charging Technology²
Charging times (Rapid Charger)2.0 ah: n/a
3.0 ah: 30 min
4.0 ah: n/a
6.0 ah: n/a
8.0 ah: n/a
9.0 ah: n/a
12.0 ah: n/a
Table 2: Milwaukee Cordless Blowers 18V – Battery- & Charging Technology
² Charging times times partially calculated.

IV. Milwaukee – Company history

Originally founded in Wisconsin, 1924, Milwaukee is now a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based TechTronic Industries. An industry leader, they produce hand and power tools that deliver longevity and efficiency. Milwaukee has changed hands several times since its inception but has never lost its vision of maintaining strong relationships with its users and finding innovative solutions for their problems. They pride themselves on their passionate employees and durable products. Milwaukee power tools are geared towards professional trades and job sites but are also beloved for the home.