Kobalt Cordless Blower (40V): Tool Review & Comparison

From our research, Kobalt has three different 40V blowers on the market. These are the 100MPH-, 110MPH- and 125MPH Kobalt cordless electric leaf blowers. In this article, you will find an overview of them. We start with a detailed review of the Kobalt 100MPH cordless blower in the first chapter. Thus, we examine the tool considering the following four criteria: (1) performance, (2) ergonomics, (3) technology, (4) delivery scope and price. Afterwards, we present two other Kobalt 40V blowers (Kobalt 100MPH and 125MPH) and highlight their differences in chapter 2. We will also present to you the most important features and specifications of the tool in chapter 3.

I. Kobalt 110MPH Cordless Blower – Review

The Kobalt 40V cordless blower is powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery which is available with different capacities (starting from 2,0 ampere hours (ah)). The leaf blower generates an air volume of 480 cfm. Hence it can be used for clearing leaves and debris without much noise. Even though the air speed is relatively low with 110 mph, it is enough for estates with small gardens.

The tool features an axial fan engine that helps to deliver sufficient power and performance. Furthermore, it has a variable speed trigger and turbo button. The speed trigger allows to control the amount of power you need to blow leaves off hard surfaces. The turbo button helps to reduce or amplify the power.

Usually, the 40V blower from Kobalt is available as a tool only. That means it comes without the 40V MAX lithium-ion battery and charger, so you would need to purchase both items separately. Our recommendation is always to buy the original batteries and chargers from Kobalt, even though you find stores that sell other 40V lithium-ion batteries that are compatible with the Kobalt leaf blower.

1. Performance

kobalt-40v-cordless-blower-review Don’t be deceived by the relatively low air speed of the Kobalt 40V cordless leaf blower. At 110MPH, it flows at a maximum air flow capacity of 480 cubic feet per minute (cfm). This volume of air makes up for the low air speed and ensures that the power tool moves trapped leaves and debris with ease. As stated earlier in the introduction of this review article, the power tool features an axial fan engine, a turbo button as well as a variable speed trigger for controlling the speed level.

Pull the trigger if you need a little amount of air for dry leaves and debris or give it a full pull if you need a huge blast of air for wet as well as trapped leaves. It also has a cruise control feature that allows you to choose constant power for long stretches. A handy turbo button lets you amplify the power when it is required. The 40V battery’s runtime for every use depends on the speed levels you select.

2. Ergonomics

The Kobalt axial leaf blower weighs 7.04 pounds (without the 40V battery). Though it weighs more than some other 40V leaf blowers, such as the Worx WG584, it is still fairly lightweight and easy to handle. The Kobalt 40V leaf blower has a good weight distribution, which also makes it comfortable to handle.

3. Battery- & charging technology

The Kobalt 480CFM cordless electric leaf blower runs with 40V lithium-ion batteries with capacities between 2.0 and 5.0 ah. The total battery runtime depends on how intense you use the blower. The lithium battery also features a LED charge level indicator so you can easily read the charging status while working with the Kobalt 40V leaf blower. The 3.0 ah battery can last for almost 40 minutes of runtime when it is fully charged. It takes up to 1 hour to get a charge of the battery.

4. Scope of delivery & price

The Kobalt 110MPH cordless blower and its accessories are offered at a fair price. On Amazon we even found the complete set which consists of the tool, a battery and charger. However, if you have other Kobalt tools like the Kobalt 40V MAX Lithium-ion chainsaw and mower, you can make use of your existing 40V battery and charger.

II. Other Kobalt 40V Cordless Blowers

Kobalt 100MPH Cordless Blower: The blower delivers an air velocity of 100 mph and 350 cfm to facilitate easy removal of leaves. The tool features an electric push button, eliminating the need for cords. This makes it easy and fast to work with. As for the Kobalt 110MPH cordless blower, you can easily squeeze the trigger to get variable speed. The cruise control allows you to maintain a constant output.

Kobalt 125MPH Cordless Blower: If you are looking for an electric-powered leaf blower with a long runtime, look no further than Kobalt 125 MPH 40V cordless leaf blower. Compared to other Kobalt 40V cordless blowers, you get up to 55 minutes of runtime from this model. This handheld leaf blower delivers a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour and has a peak air-flow of 690 cubic feet per minute. Though it cannot compete with commercial leaf blowers, it clears off the debris and any evidence of lawn trimmings and mowing almost effortlessly. If you encounter stubborn foliage, you can press the turbo button to get it off.

III. Kobalt Cordless Blower Data

Technical DataKobalt 110MPHKobalt 100MPHKobalt 125MPH
Max. air speed110 mph100 mph125 mph
Max. air volume480 cfm350 cfm690 cfm
Variable speed trigger+++
Performance boost+-+
Weight (tool only)7.04 lbsn/an/a
Max. noise leveln/an/an/a
Max. battery run times¹
2.0 ah: n/a
2.5 ah: n/a
3.0 ah: 40 min
4.0 ah: n/a
5.0 ah: n/a
2.0 ah: n/a
2.5 ah: n/a
3.0 ah: n/a
4.0 ah: n/a
5.0 ah: n/a
2.0 ah: n/a
2.5 ah: n/a
3.0 ah: 55 min
4.0 ah: n/a
5.0 ah: n/a
Table 1: Kobalt Cordless Blowers 40V – Technical Data
¹ Battery run times times partially calculated.
Battery- and & Charging Technology
Battery Technology
Voltage40 Volt
Battery rangeLi-Ion 2.0
Li-Ion 2.5
Li-Ion 3.0
Li-Ion 4.0
Li-Ion 5.0
Electricity use2.0 ah: 80 wh
2.5 ah: 100 wh
3.0 ah: 120 wh
4.0 ah: 160 wh
5.0 ah: 200 wh
Charging Technology²
Charging times2.0 ah: n/a
2.5 ah: n/a
3.0 ah: 60 min
4.0 ah: n/a
5.0 ah: n/a
Table 2: Kobalt Cordless Blowers 40V – Battery- & Charging Technology
² Charging times times partially calculated.