EGO Power+ Blower: Tool Review and Comparison

EGO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power tools. According to our analysis, the company has a total of eight different cordless leaf blowers in its range. One of the best solutions is the EGO Power+ blower 650 CFM. Therefore, the first chapter of this article contains a detailed overview of this device. Basically, we review the 650 CFM blower considering four significant criteria: performance, ergonomics, technology, and price. Chapter 2 introduces the other seven blowers, as for example the EGO cordless blower 765 CFM and 480 CFM. The third and final chapter includes the most important tool data and specifications.

I. EGO Power+ Blower 650 CFM – Review

The EGO cordless blower 650 CFM is a true high-efficiency power tool. According to the manufacturers homepage, it performs even better than many gasoline powered solutions due to its innovative turbine fan engineering inspired by aeronautics technology.

The cordless power tool reaches a maximum air speed of 180 miles per hour (mph) as well as a maximum air volume of up to 650 cubic feet per minute (cfm) when applying the performance boost. It therefore allows you to clear wet leaves, mud, snow and even smaller sized rocks.

You can operate the EGO battery blower with one of the six different 56 Volt lithium-ion battery packs. The batteries are available with capacities of 2 ampere hours (ah), 2.5 ah, 4 ah, 5 ah, 7.5 ah and 10 ah. Using the 5 ah pack already allows you to use the blower for more than 3 hours without recharging when running of low speed. In addition to that, the EGO Power+ blower 56V is pretty lightweight. It only weighs around 4.8 pounds making it pretty easy and comfortable to handle.

1. Performance

The EGO Power+ blower 650 CFM features a high-efficiency brushless motor which delivers extended runtime and motor life. As already stated in the introduction of this article, the cordless device has a maximum air speed of 180 mph. You adjust its air volume from 250 cfm to 500 cfm by using speed control dial. You can increase and decrease it according to your needs. If you need more power you can press the turbo button for a 650 cfm air volume.

The tool can be equipped with either a flat or a tapered nozzle, which usually both come as adjustments. On the one hand, the flat nozzle can be used for increased air speed for removing wet leaves or heavy debris. On the other hand, the tapered nozzle helps you to concentrate air speed. The cordless blower is also weather resistant and can therefore be used in any condition, even with snow.

2. Ergonomics

The EGO cordless blower does not only deliver high performance, but also has an ergonomic design and is well balanced. Furthermore, it weighs only 4.77 pounds. With the 5 ah battery, the weight rises to around 9.8 pounds. It needs to be stated that this is less than the total weight of some rewarded 40V cordless blowers, as for example the Ryobi 40V Jet Fan Blower.

3. Battery- & charging technology

ego-power-blower-review Battery technology: EGO has six different 56 Volt lithium-ion batteries on offer. The largest battery pack has a capacity of 10 ah. Considering the voltage of 56V, 10 ah are equal to an energy storage of 560 watt hours (wh). The five smaller packs have capacities of 7.5 ah (corresponds to 420 wh), 5 ah (280 wh), 4 ah (224 wh), 2.5 ah (140 wh) and 2 ah (112 wh). The average run time is around 90 minutes when operating the EGO Power cordless blower 650 CFM with a 5 ah battery. At full speed, the runtime is only around 15 minutes. However, if you run the cordless leaf blower on low you can reach up to 200 minutes runtime. The larger battery packs (7.5 and 10 ah) deliver even better performance.

Charging technology: In addition to the 56V battery packs introduced above, EGO offers four different 56V charging solutions according to our research. These are the EGO Power+ 56 Volt Charger, Power+ Rapid Charger, Power+ 700W Turbo Charger as well as the Power+ Dual Port Charger for simultaneously charging two batteries. With the standard charger, it takes almost two hours to recharge a 5 ah battery. With the rapid charger, it takes approximately 40 minutes to recharge the 5 ah pack. If you use the EGO Power+ 700W Turbo Charger, you only to need to wait for half an hour.

Compatibility with other 56V devices from EGO: As with all other leaf blower brands, for example Dewalt or Black + Decker, EGO does not only have cordless leaf blowers in its range, but also many other battery-operated garden tools. Examples are hedge trimmers, chain saws and lawn mowers. All these devices are operated with the 56V battery packs presented in this chapter.

4. Scope of delivery & price

EGO Power+ offers the 650 CFM blower and its accessories at an affordable price. The full package consists of the blower, the blower tube, the flat/tapered nozzle, a removable battery pack, as well as a charger. Other accessories, such as the a spread nozzle, blower gutter or shoulder strap, need to be purchased separately.

II. Other EGO Cordless Blower Products

As stated at the top of this article, the EGO Power+ 650 CFM blower is not the only Power+ blower product from EGO. In total, there are seven more battery powered devices which we will discuss in this chapter.

The most powerful solution is the EGO Power+ blower 765 CFM (s. product image). As the model description states, the device has a maximum air volume of 765 cfm, which is 115 cfm more than the leaf blower discussed earlier. The 765 CFM blowers maximum air speed is 200 mph. Again around 10% more than the 650 CFM blower. The EGO cordless blower 765 CFM features a speed control dial and a turbo mode for heavy debris. It can also be used as a snow blower. The average battery runtime when using a 5 ah pack is around 90 minutes.

The EGO Power+ blower 480 CFM is the smallest respectively least powerful EGO blower solution available. In contrast to the two blowers presented before which both have a speed control dial, the EGO cordless blower 480 CFM delivers at three pre-defined speed levels (high efficiency, high power and turbo boost). In high efficiency mode, the maximum air volume is 250 cfm. It is 385 cfm in power mode and 480 cfm in turbo boost mode. The average run time is around 75 minutes when running the blower with a 2.5 ah battery pack. Also worth mentioning is the EGO Power+ 600 CFM Backpack Blower for enhanced ergonomics. The four remaining blowers are the EGO Power+ 615 CFM blower, 580 CFM blower, 575 CFM blower and 530 CFM blower.

III. EGO Power+ Blower Data

Technical DataEGO Blower 765 CFMEGO Blower 650 CFMEGO Blower 615 CFMEGO Backpack Blower 600 CFMEGO Blower 580 CFMEGO Blower 575 CFMEGO Blower 530 CFMEGO Blower 480 CFM
Max. air speed200 mph180 mph170 mph145 mph168 mph142 mph110 mphn/a
Max. air volume765 cfm650 cfm615 cfm600 cfm580 cfm575 cfm530 cfm480 cfm
Variable speed trigger+++++++-
Performance boost++++++++
Weight (tool only)4.6 lbs4.77 lbs4.74 lbs12.5 lbs4.77 lbs4.8 lbs4.81 lbs5.16 lbs
Max. noise leveln/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Max. battery run times¹
5.0 ah: 90 min (average) 5.0 ah: 90 min (average) n/an/an/an/an/an/a
Table 1: EGO Cordless Blowers 56V – Technical Data
¹ Battery run times times partially calculated.
Battery- and & Charging TechnologyEGO 56V
Battery Technology
Voltage56 Volt
Battery rangeLi-Ion 2.0 ah
Li-Ion 2.5 ah
Li-Ion 4.0 ah
Li-Ion 5.0 ah
Li-Ion 7.5 ah
Li-Ion 10.0 ah
Electricity use2.0 ah: 112 wh
2.5 ah: 140 wh
4.0 ah: 224 wh
5.0 ah: 280 wh
7.5 ah: 420 wh
10.0 ah: 560 wh
Charging Technology²
Charging times (standard charger)2.0 ah: 40 min
2.5 ah: 50 min
4.0 ah: 80 min
5.0 ah: 100 min
7.5 ah: 145 min
10.0 ah: n/a
Charging times (rapid charger)2.0 ah: 25 min
2.5 ah: 30 min
4.0 ah: 30 min
5.0 ah: 40 min
7.5 ah: 60 min
10.0 ah: 70 min
Charging times (turbo charger)2.0 ah: n/a
2.5 ah: 30 min
4.0 ah: n/a
5.0 ah: 30 min
7.5 ah: 45 min
10.0 ah: 60 min
Table 2: EGO Cordless Blowers 56V – Battery- & Charging Technology
² Charging times times partially calculated.