Dewalt Cordless Blower 40V Max XR

The Dewalt blower 40V Max XR, outwardly characterized by a very compact construction, is one of the most powerful 40 Volt battery-powered blowers in the North American market. It provides almost the same power as you would expect from a conventional gasoline tool.

It has a high performance brushless motor to maximize operational efficiency as well as motor lifetime. As an explanatory note: brushless motors are more efficient at converting electricity into power than brushed motors. Due to the absence of brushes they also mitigate loss due to friction.

The cordless leaf blower can be operated with lithium-ion batteries of capacities between 4.0 and 7.5 ampere hours (Ah). The latter one is actually the largest 40V battery in size we have found at all in scope of our research work.

In this review, we will provide deep insight into the characteristics of the Dewalt cordless blower. Therefore, we classified the most important features and specifications into four different categories. We will discuss them in the following order: (1) performance, (2) ergonomy, (3) technology, (4) scope of delivery & price.

To conclude, you will find a table summarizing all functional and technical data, which we discussed in this review. Furthermore you learn something about Dewalt’s history.

Dewalt Cordless Blower 40V Max XR – Review

Overall rating
  • 9/10
    1. Performance - 9/10
  • 9/10
    2. Ergonomics - 9/10
  • 9/10
    3. Battery & charging technology - 9/10
  • 9/10
    4. Scope of delivery & price - 9/10

1. Performance: 9/10

With an air volume up to 400 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at 120 miles per hour (mph), the Dewalt blower 40V Max XR is one of the most impressive battery-operated leaf blowers we reviewed so far. Its performance data makes the tool not only only suitable for cleaning your own terrace or frontyard, but also for processing larger areas, such as walkways, streets, parks, etc. Therefore, professionals who abstain from using gasoline devices and go for the battery-operated tool instead, are increasingly using this 40V tool. If you want to learn more about differences between battery- and gasoline devices, we recommend to read our corresponding blog article.

The blower has a full variable speed trigger that allows to easily adjust the speed level to the users individual needs. In addition, the tool has a speed control lever so that you don’t have to press the trigger all the time. This feature is especially helpful when performing longerterm jobs as it minimizes stress on your arm.

2. Ergonomics: 9/10

The Dewalt cordless blower has a powerful design to withstand everyday heavy-duty usage. Its high impact Xenoy housing offers superior durability and impact resistance. This feature as well as the comparably higher weight of the used high capacity batteries make the tool a bit heavier than other cordless leaf blowers on a 40V basis, as for example the 40V blower from Oregon.

However, the design of the Dewalt blower 40V Max XR is very ergonomic. As we already stated earlier, the tool features a speed lock which reduces arm faigue. Additional features include an ergonomically optimized handle size and position for improved usability as well as a comfort grip.

When processing the device at full speed the sound pressure level is 67 decibles (db). In our opinion, this is pretty quite for such a powerful too. Particularly, when you compare it with other high-performance 40V devices, for example the Ryobi 40V jet fan blower.

3. Battery- & charging technology: 9/10

Battery technology:

Dewalt has three different high-capacity lithium-ion battery packs on a 40V basis. The largest battery has a capacity of 7.5 Ah. Taking into consideration the nominal voltage of 36 volt, 7.5 Ah are equal to an energy storage of 270 watt hours (Wh). The smaller batteries have a capcity of 6.0 Ah (corresponds to 216 Wh) and 4.0 Ah (144 Wh).

As the engine of the Dewalt blower 40V Max XR needs a lot of electrical energy, the battery capacities have to be that high accordingly. When running the blower at full speed, battery runtimes are between approx. 15 minutes (with the smallest battery pack) and up to 40 minutes (with the largest battery pack). However, runtimes will increase if you use the device efficiently by controlling the air speed with the trigger (also see our comments in the performance section of this article).

Charging technology:

The Dewalt DCB114 Max charger features on-board diagnostics as well as an LED indicator that displays the current battery status (charged, charging, replace pack, battery too hot, battery too cold). The unit can charge the 4.0 Ah battery in 90 minutes. Charging of the 6.0 and 7.5 Ah batteries takes between 130 and 160 minutes

Compatibility with other 40V devices from Dewalt:

Altogether, Dewalt has a large selection of different power tools that can be used with the battery packs and charger presented above. When referring to the opinions of various blog articles and forum entries, Dewalt is especially renowned for its battery-driven chain saw (DCCS690B 40V Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw).

4. Scope of delivery & price: 9/10

The Dewalt blower 40V Max XR can clearly be found in the higher price segment. In fact, all of Dewalt’s battery-powered devices are consistently more expensive than the average cordless tool. However, that’s reasonable as all of Dewalt’s cordless devices are simply of enormous quality. In terms of delivery scope, you can select between the full package (incl. blower, battery, charger) or buy the components individually.

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Table 1: Dewalt Cordless Blower 40V Max XR – Products Components

Dewalt Cordless Blower 40V Max XR – Factsheet

Technical Data 
Max. air speed120 mph
Max. air volume400 cfm
Variable speed trigger+
Performance boost-
Weight (tool only)7.2 lbs
Max. noise level67 db(a)
Battery rangeLi-Ion 4.0 ah
Li-Ion 6.0 ah
Li-Ion 7.5 ah
Voltage40 Volt
Electricity use4.0 ah: 160 wh
6.0 ah: 240 wh
7.5 ah: 300 wh
Max. battery runtimes*4.0 ah: up to 15 min
6.0 ah: up to 25 min
7.5 ah: up to 40 min
Charging times (standard charger)*4.0 ah: 90 min
6.0 ah: 130 min
7.5 ah: 160 min
Charging times (fast charger)*n/a
Table 2: Dewalt Cordless Blower 40V Max XR – Technical Data
* Battery run times and charging times partially calculated.

Dewalt – Company history

In 1924, Raymond E. Dewalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw, started the Dewalt Products Company in Leola, Pennsylvania. The first product was an electrical universal woodworking machine called the Dewalt „Wonder-Worker“. Dewalt Products Co. was in-corporated under Dewalt Inc. in 1947.
In 1960 the company was acquired by Black and Decker that already produced radial arm saws and other large stationary power equipment. Black and Decker expanded the Dewalt brand in subsequent years and used it to replace their own construction trademark in 1992. Today, Dewalt is a wordwide brand of high-quality power tools, such as the Dewalt blower 40V Max XR, for the manufacturing, construction and woodworking industry.