CRAFTSMAN Cordless Leaf Blower: Tool Review & Comparison

CRAFTSMAN currently has three different 20 Volt cordless leaf blowers and one 60 Volt battery blower in its product range. In this article, we cover an overview of these four tools. The first chapter contains an extensive review of the so-called CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brushless Axial Blower. During the review we evaluate the device with respect to its performance, ergonomics, technology as well as delivery scope and price. In the second chapter, we present the two other CRAFTSMAN cordless leaf blower models (20V). Afterwards, in chapter 3, you will find details about the only 60V blower. Finally, we will present the most important product data in chapter 4.

I. CRAFTSMAN V20 Brushless Cordless Axial Blower – Review

The CRAFTSMAN V20 Brushless Cordless Axial Leaf Blower (model description: CMCBL 720) is the right power tool if you are looking for a powerful brushless leaf blower that can clear tough debris off hard surfaces (e.g. garage entrance, access way) and will potentially give you a run for your money.

The 20 Volt cordless blower is equipped with an axial fan that delivers an airflow capacity of 350 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at a speed of 100 miles per hour (mph). Axial fans are designed to deliver a high flow rate for tasks that require lots of air. The brushless leaf blower also draws less power, therefore, increasing its overall runtime.

The CRAFTSMAN cordless blower 20V weighs around 6 pounds (tool only), making it relatively easy to handle so you don’t experience fatigue when using the leaf blower. The cordless device is compatible with all 20 Volt lithium-ion batteries (capacities between 2 and 9 ampere hours (ah)) as well as 20 Volt charging stations from CRAFTSMAN.

1. Performance

The CRAFTSMAN cordless leaf blower features an axial engine that delivers a speed of 100 mph and produces an airflow capacity of 350 cfm. It utilizes less power to clear off tough debris while enabling the leaf blower to function at an increased runtime.

The power tool is effective in clearing tough and heavy leaves and debris. It features a variable-speed trigger that you can push to control the power and speed of the blower. This trigger helps you control the right amount of airspeed you need to perform your tasks. Furthermore, the CRAFTSMAN cordless blower 20V is integrated with a scraper to make it easy to loosen heavy and stubborn debris.

2. Ergonomics

The axial leaf blower withstands heavy-duty use including the cleaning of hard surfaces like decks or driveways. It weighs around 6 pounds (excluding battery pack). Its compact design gives it portability and makes it comfortable to handle. However, when comparing the weight with other 18-20V leaf blowers reviewed by us, for example the Ryobi Jet Fan Blower 18V 280 CFM or the Black and Decker 20V Blower LSW 321, you will recognize that the CRAFTSMAN tool is heavier.

The leaf blower is also compatible with CRAFTSMAN VersaTrack that allows you to safely store the tool when it is not in use. You can make use of the integrated hook on the VersaTrack to securely hang the blower. In case you have even more power tools, this rack helps you to organize them on your wall easily. You need to purchase the CRAFTSMAN VersaTrack separately.

3. Battery- & charging technology

craftsman-cordless-leaf-blower-review Battery technology: The CRAFTSMAN cordless leaf blower operates with a 20V lithium-ion battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery technology is designed to make use of less power and sufficient airspeed levels to deliver high-performance debris cleaning.

The batteries are available with different capacities. The smallest battery pack has a capacity of 2 ah, whereas the largest packs capacity is 9 ah. When using the small 2 ah pack, the maximum battery runtime is around 15 minutes. The runtime can be extended using a larger lithium-ion battery pack. In addition, you can slightly extend runtime by using the speed trigger wisely.

Charging technology: CRAFTSMAN has two different 20V chargers: one regular charger and one dual-charging station. Both solutions have the same charging times. It takes around one hour to fully re-charge an empty 2 ah battery. The charging times for the larger packs are longer accordingly.

Compatibility with other devices: The 20V batteries and chargers presented above can be used with many other cordless 20V tools from CRAFTSMAN. Popular examples are the 20V cordless chainsaws, lawn mowers as well as hedge trimmers.

4. Scope of delivery & price

The CRAFTSMAN battery blower (20V) is sold at a fair price and is available on the CRAFTSMAN company website as well as on popular online outlets, such as Amazon. You can either buy the full package, consisting of the blower, a battery pack and a charger, or only buy the tool (for example in case you already own 20V batteries and chargers from CRAFTSMAN).

II. Other CRAFTSMAN Cordless Leaf Blower Models (20V)

As we already stated in the introduction of this article, CRAFTSMAN has two more 20V leaf blowers. These are the CRAFTSMAN Cordless Axial Leaf Blower CMCBL 700 and the Cordless Hard Surface Blower CMCBL 710 (see product image).

On the one hand, the CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Axial Leaf Blower (CMCBL 700) is very similar to the leaf blower model presented above when it comes to design, size, weight, ergonomics, functionalities as well as technology.

The only difference worth mentioning is the power tools slightly lower performance. Whereas the leaf blower reviewed earlier in this article (model CMCBL 720) has an air speed of 100 mph and an air volume of 350 cfm, the CRAFTSMAN cordless leaf blower CMCBL 700 “only” has on air speed of 90 mph respectively an air volume of 340 cfm.

On the other hand, the CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hard Surface Blowers (CMCBL 710) engine delivers a maximum speed of 90 mph, but an air volume of 400 cfm at the same time. In terms of air volume, this is almost 20% more when compared to the two other 20V models presented above (CMCBL 700 and 710). Moreover, the CRAFTSMAN cordless blower CMCBL 710 is slightly lighter.

III. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Leaf Blower (60V)

In addition to these three 20V models, CRAFTSMAN offers one 60 Volt Leaf Blower to its customers. The CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Brushless Axial Blower features an axial fan design that provides an airflow capacity of 600 cfm at a speed of 110 mph.

Similar to CRAFTSMAN’s 20V blowers, the CRAFTSMAN cordless leaf blower 60V has a variable speed trigger and cruise control that allows you to regulate the amount of power. The device also weighs less than 6 pounds. You can use it with the CRAFTSMAN VersaTrack wall organization system which we already introduced earlier in this article.

The CRAFTSMAN cordless blower can be operated with three different 60V lithium-ion batteries with capacities of 2.5-, 5.0 and 7.5 ah. The 2.5 ah battery can power through yard work of about ¼ of an acre. The 5.0- and 7.5 battery packs can be used for even larger areas. The 60V batteries are not only compatible with the 60V blower, but also with all 60V CRAFTSMAN power tools.

IV. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Blower Data

Max. air speed100 mph90 mph90 cfm110 cfm
Max. air volume350 cfm400 mph340 cfm600 cfm
Variable speed trigger++++
Performance boost----
Weight (tool only)< 6 lbs< 6 lbs5.3 lbs5.6 lbs
Max. noise leveln/an/an/an/a
Max. battery run times¹
2.0 ah: 15 min n/an/an/a
Table 1: CRAFTSMAN Cordless Blowers 20V – Technical Data
¹ Battery run times times partially calculated.
Battery- and & Charging TechnologyCRAFTSMAN 20VCRAFTSMAN 60V
Battery Technology
Voltage20 Volt60 Volt
Battery rangeLi-Ion 2.0 ah
Li-Ion 2.5 ah
Li-Ion 4.0 ah
Li-Ion 6.0 ah
Li-Ion 7.5 ah
Li-Ion 9.0 ah
Li-Ion 2.5 ah
Li-Ion 5.0 ah
Li-Ion 7.5 ah
Electricity use2.0 ah: 40 wh
2.5 ah: 50 wh
4.0 ah: 80 wh
6.0 ah: 120 wh
7.5 ah: 150 wh
9.0 ah: 180 wh
2.5 ah: 150 wh
5.0 ah: 300 wh
7.5 ah: 450 wh
Charging Technology²
Charging times (standard charger)n/an/a
Charging times (fast charger)2.0 ah: 60 min
2.5 ah: n/a
4.0 ah: n/a
6.0 ah: n/a
7.5 ah: n/a
9.0 ah: n/a
Table 2: CRAFTSMAN Cordless Blowers 20V – Battery- & Charging Technology
² Charging times times partially calculated.