Cordless leaf blower benefits

Teaser image showing a button to introduce blog article about cordless leaf blower benefits Cordless leaf blowers are primarily used in the fall months to remove foliage. In late September, the first leaves fall from the trees. And it often doesn’t take a long time until the entire garden is covered in them. Particularly in the case of grass it’s important to eliminate the leaves as soon as possible, so that the area can quickly catch sunlight again. Without this there is a high probability that the affected lawn or grass sections will no longer be green, but brown in next spring. A cordless leaf blower will help you to solve this problem easily. [continue reading…]

5 Differences between 20V and 40V battery-powered leaf blowers

Teaser image showing two different colored fields to illustrate the existence of differences between 20V and 40V leaf blowers The particular terms indicate it already. The central difference between 20V Max and 40V Max appliances is the battery (resp. the battery voltage). Popular battery leaf blowers are by now operated with lithium-ion batteries – usually with 20- or 40V. By comparison, the battery of a shaver has 1.2- or 2.4V; drills often have 10.8- or 14.4V. But 20V- and 40V leaf blowers do not only differ in terms of used batteries. There are also other areas, e.g. size and weight or performance. [continue reading…]