Black + Decker Cordless Blower LSW 321

The Black + Decker cordless blower 20V MAX LSW 321 is designed with comfort easy handling in mind. Therefore it offers a great mix of power, endurance and ease. The cordless leaf blower is part of the Powercommand Family of tools by Black + Decker, helping to solve common user frustrations when using Outdoor Power Equipment.

A huge advantage of the Black + Decker POWERBOOST Sweeper is that all 20 Volt batteries from the Black + Decker 20V MAX System can be used to power the tool. You can purchase the batteries together with the tool or separately. Subsequently you can decide on simply having one 20V battery for all your Black + Decker 20V MAX System Tools, or getting a few back up batteries in order to always have fully charged spares, for example when working on bigger projects.

In the following review, we will look into the characteristics of the Black + Decker cordless leaf blower. Additionally, we are presenting the most important features and specifications so that you can make an informed decision.

At the end of the article, you will find a table including all functional and technical data, which we discussed in this review.

Black + Decker Cordless Blower 20V – Review

Overall rating
  • 8/10
    1. Performance - 8/10
  • 10/10
    2. Ergonomics - 10/10
  • 9/10
    3. Battery & charging technology - 9/10
  • 9/10
    4. Scope of delivery & price - 9/10

1. Performance: 8/10

Black + Decker cordless blower review: Tool in action The Black & Decker cordless blower LSW 321 is operated with a 20 Volt battery. It impresses with maximum air speed of 130mph and maximum air volume rating of 100 cubic feet per minute. The air volume may be on the lower end but still more than enough for private use. The performance data shows that this tool can be easily compared to other leaf blowers of the 20 Volt category. All in all, you will be adequately equipped to free your porch and sidewalk of grass clippings and leaves.

The Black + Decker battery blower has one speed setting and a powerboost. You can easily operate the power boost while holding the tool with one hand, giving you complete freedom of your other hand. The Powerboost setting is activated by a push-and-hold mechanism, ensuring that no unnecessary energy is wasted.

2. Ergonomics: 10/10

The cordless leaf blower weights less than other tools of the same category and significantly less than leaf blowers from the 40 Volt category. Its sleek design and quality lightweight materials are the most important reasons for the comfortable 3.7 lbs.

In addition to its comparably low weight, the Black + Decker cordless blower has a micro texture soft grip and an ergonomic design. As a result you can easily operate the tool with only one hand. But for safety reasons be sure to firmly hold it with both hands when initially turning on the machine. The top noise level of the cordless leaf blower is at only 66 Decibel, putting it on average terms on the very lower end of the category.

3. Battery- & charging technology: 9/10

Battery technology:

The Black + Decker cordless leaf blower can be operated by any 20V lithium-ion battery from the 20V MAX System. The system includes batteries with different capacities of ampere-hours (ah). The ah rating measures how much energy can be stored in the battery. The different batteries included in this system have capacities starting at 1,5 and going up to 4 ah.

The runtime of a 2.0 Ah battery is up to 25 minutes, when using the powerboost very sparingly. This might not be the largest battery capacity. But from a user’s perspective, it’s rare to use the powerboost for more than a minute here or there. If a 4.0 Ah battery is used, the run times are increased by nearly double. That is to say up to 45 minutes.

Charging technology:

Overall, it takes around 10 hours to fully charge the battery with the included standard charger. However using a Black + Decker fast charger reduces the charging time one hour or two, depending on the battery size.

The 20V MAX Lithium Ion SMARTECH Battery and Charger set, which can be purchased separately even comes with some handy technology. With the 20C MAX battery you can power our entire family of 20V MAX tools. With its SMARTECH technology you can use the app to locate and lock your tools. Furthermore, you can use the app for general monitoring purposes. In addition, it can charge up your phone and other mobile devices.

Compatibility with other 20V devices from Black + Decker:

As mentioned before, any 20 Volt lithium ion battery from the 20V Max System will work with the Black + Decker cordless blower LSW 321.

4. Scope of delivery & price: 9/10

Above all, we think that the Black + Decker cordless leaf blower LSW 321 is offered at a reasonable price. The full set includes the tool, one 20V battery (usually the 2.0ah pack) and a charger. Even if you purchase the separately sold Black + Decker gutter attachment and a more powerful battery, this still makes the Black + Decker leaf blower one of the more reasonably priced battery leaf blowers on the market.

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Table 1: Black + Decker Cordless Blower 20V LSW 321 – Products Components

Black + Decker Cordless Blower 20V – Factsheet

Technical Data 
Max. air speed130 mph
Max. air volume100 cfm
Variable speed trigger-
Performance boost+
Weight (tool only)3.7 lbs
Max. noise level66 db(a)
Battery rangeLi-Ion 1.5 ah
Li-Ion 2.0 ah
Li-Ion 3.0 ah
Li-Ion 4.0 ah
Voltage20 Volt
Electricity use1.5 ah: 30 wh
2.0 ah: 40 wh
3.0 ah: 60 wh
4.0 ah: 80 wh
Max. battery runtimes*1.5 ah: n/a
2.0 ah: up to 25 min
3.0 ah: n/a
4.0 ah: up to 45 min
Charging times (standard charger)*up to 10 hours
Charging times (fast charger)*1.5 ah: n/a
2.0 ah: around 60 min
3.0 ah: n/a
4.0 ah: around 120 min
Table 2: Black + Decker Cordless Blower 20V LSW 321 – Technical Data