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Cordless Blower Reviews

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The Best Devices 2018

Over the past months, we have been conducting our annual cordless leaf blower reviews. Once again, we intensively researched and reviewed the most common and popular devices in the North American market. Based on that, we analyzed, compared and rated them by considering our structured approach as well as pre-defined review categories and criteria. After a final evaluation phase, we awarded the best battery-powered leaf blowers for the year 2018. Among this year’s participants are not only traditional and well-known brands, as for example Black + Decker, Dewalt and Oregon, but also some newer players in the US power tool market. Stay tuned.

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Our Review Approach

Transparency is very important to us. We are aiming at making the results of our cordless leaf blower reviews as clear and comprehensible as somehow possible. Therefore, we are now showing you how they come about. No matter if we are reviewing a 20V-, 40V- or whatever cordless blower, we always follow the same process, which consists of the three successive phases: (1) Research, (2) Analysis, (3) Evaluation. Each of three phases can be subdivided into two steps as specified in the graphic below.


For a start, we scoure the English-speaking internet for the currently relevant cordless blowers in the respective voltage segments (e.g. 20V, 40V, etc.). Hereby, we firstly read an extensive amount of customer feedback on e-commerce portals (e.g. and analyze the comments of buyers. Secondly, we investigate well-known review sites (such as and its corresponding reports. Thirdly, we browse gardening and craftsman blogs (e.g. for relevant articles. At the end of the research phase, we make a first pre-selection of devices. The pre-selection will then be further analyzed in the next phase of our cordless blower review process.


During the analysis phase, we firstly investigate and compare the different devices “technically” by applying our self-developed algorithm. After that, we perform manual plausibility checks and if necessary, also physical tests of the respective cordless leaf blowers. All that happens by taking into consideration our four proven review categories for analyzing battery-powered garden tools. These are: performance, ergonomics, technology and delivery scope & price. Each of the four review categories, in turn, contains between 2 and 4 review criteria as specified below.

Review categoryReview criteria
PerformanceMax. air speed
Max. air volume
Additional features
Noise level
Battery & charging technologyDiversity of supply
Battery runtimes
Battery charging times
Compatibility with other appliances
Scope of delivery & priceScope of delivery
Table 1: Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews – Categories And Criteria


In the last phase of our yearly cordless leaf blower reviews, the final evaluation of the devices is carried out. In the process, the tools are rated with a score between 0 and 10 in each review category. Thereon, an overall rating per device is determined. For example, if a blower receives 10 points in the first two review categories and 9 points in the last two categories, the total score would be 36 points and the average value would be 9 points. Based on this rating, the tools are then ranked and the best cordless blower is chosen for each voltage range.

What To Look For In A Leaf Blower?

Teaser image for the leaf blower buying guide with a man with binoculars As we explained in the “review approach” section, the overall review score for a cordless leaf blower is an average value taking into consideration each leaf blowers’ results in our four review categories: (1) performance, (2) ergonomics, (3) battery- & charging technology as well as (4) scope of delivery & price. In other words, according to our algorithm the best cordless leaf blower is the one which achieved the highest average score.

However in reality, each individual person weights the review categories differently. For example, for some people it’s very important that the product is cheap, for others it isn’t. Many people attach more importance on power and air speed, some put more emphasis on ergonomics and for others battery- and charging technologies are at the focus. And there are even other aspects that also play a role. In the following sections, we will provide you with a collection of topics and questions you can ask yourself every now and then, while reading our cordless leaf blower reviews:


When it comes to performance, it’s primarily about the air speed and volume of the cordless leaf blower. In this context, it’s important to think about the intended use. For example, do you want to machine hard-packed leaves? Then you probably need a high-power cordless blower, with a voltage of at least 40 or 60 volts. Or do you want to use the blower only occasionally, for example to blow some leaves from the terrace? Then a 20V application should be enough to satisfy your needs.


An essential factor in context of ergonomics is the weight of the cordless leaf blower. Especially, if you are planning to machine larger areas and hence need to use the cordless blower for longer periods of time. You should also be careful that the blower is not too heavy, in case you are not that strong or have problems with your arms or shoulder. Generally, 20V devices are lighter than 40V tools, 40V devices are lighter as 60V tools, and so on. Another important criterion with respect to ergonomics are additional features, such as the availability of a shoulder harness. Many users also consider the noise level of the blower as a relevant aspect of ergonomics / usability.

Battery- & charging technology

In terms of technology, you should take some time to think about the size of the surface to be machined. How many square meters have to be maintained? 200, 100, only 25? If it’s a large area, it’s important that the battery lasts a long time. If the area is rather small, for example the own driveway, battery runtimes are not that important. In general, the battery runtimes of 20V devices are lower than the runtimes of cordless blowers with a higher voltage (e.g. 40 or 60V). It’s important to do some research in this context as runtimes vary between less than 10 minutes and up to 1.5 hours from tool to tool. A large scattering also prevails in context of charging times. There are chargers, which recharge the battery in 20 minutes. However, there are other chargers which require 3-4 times as long for the same capacity.

Scope of delivery & price

When it comes to pricing, it’s important to include the cost of all components in the calculation. That means not only the cordless leaf blower itself, but also the battery pack(s) as well as the charger. Normally, 60- or 80V solutions are far more expensive than smaller devices (e.g. 20- or 40V). With respect to price, it is worth to take a realistic look at your own needs. Do you really need an expensive 60V solution or wouldn’t the 20V device just be enough?

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