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Cordless Blower Reviews

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The Best Devices 2020

Over the past months, we have been conducting our annual cordless leaf blower reviews. Once again, we intensively researched and reviewed the most common and popular devices in the North American market. Based on that, we analyzed, compared and rated them by considering our structured approach as well as pre-defined review categories and criteria. After a final evaluation phase, we awarded the best battery-powered leaf blowers for the year 2020. Among this year’s participants are not only traditional and well-known brands, as for example Black + Decker, Dewalt and Oregon, but also some newer players in the US power tool market. Stay tuned.

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Our Review Approach

Transparency is very important to us. We are aiming at making the results of our cordless leaf blower reviews as clear and comprehensible as somehow possible. Therefore, we are now showing you how they come about. No matter if we are reviewing a 20V-, 40V- or whatever cordless blower, we always follow the same process, which consists of the three successive phases: (1) Research, (2) Analysis, (3) Evaluation. Each of three phases can be subdivided into two steps as specified in the graphic below.


For a start, we scoure the English-speaking internet for the currently relevant cordless blowers in the respective voltage segments (e.g. 20V, 40V, etc.). Hereby, we firstly read an extensive amount of customer feedback on e-commerce portals (e.g. and analyze the comments of buyers. Secondly, we investigate well-known review sites (such as and its corresponding reports. Thirdly, we browse gardening and craftsman blogs (e.g. for relevant articles. At the end of the research phase, we make a first pre-selection of devices. The pre-selection will then be further analyzed in the next phase of our cordless blower review process.


During the analysis phase, we firstly investigate and compare the different devices “technically” by applying our self-developed algorithm. After that, we perform manual plausibility checks and if necessary, also physical tests of the respective cordless leaf blowers. All that happens by taking into consideration our four proven review categories for analyzing battery-powered garden tools. These are: performance, ergonomics, technology and delivery scope & price. Each of the four review categories, in turn, contains between 2 and 4 review criteria.


In the last phase of our yearly cordless leaf blower reviews, the final evaluation of the devices is carried out. In the process, the tools are rated with a score between 0 and 10 in each review category. Thereon, an overall rating per device is determined. For example, if a blower receives 10 points in the first two review categories and 9 points in the last two categories, the total score would be 36 points and the average value would be 9 points. Based on this rating, the tools are then ranked and the best cordless blower is chosen for each voltage range.

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In our blog you will find a wide selection of informative articles about cordless leaf blowers, lithium-ion packs, battery chargers and other related accessories. You will learn about the latest developments in the field of li-ion battery-operated cleaning devices and read about new, innovative products or niche applications. Additionally, you will get useful tips for cleaning and maintaining your home’s outdoor space and garden and find informative content on related topics.

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